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HRX road freight services


Road freight services that are carried out by transport companies have become an integral part of the business. One of the most demanded services is the transport of goods by road, which is provided by Latvian road freight carriers, such as reliable carrier HRX.

HRX offers fast and reliable road freight transport services in Latvia and Europe. The HRX group includes companies and terminals located in six countries: Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, Sweden. Our range of services also includes warehouse services and freight forwarding and customs services.





road freight transport

Fast and reliable road shipment

Express delivery and convenient online tracking

Modern and large vehicle fleet

Transportation of goods by road with temperature control



Road cargo transport – profitable and fast delivery of goods

Road freight transport is a demanded service when local or international transportation of cargo is required. If a company needs to deliver compact or medium-sized cargo, parcels, boxes or other cargo, the road freight services offered by Latvian transport companies, including HRX, will be the right choice. Especially if you need urgent express delivery or next day delivery of goods.

Transport of goods by road with HRX

Freight on road is one of the most requested types of transportation services. Why is road shipment so popular?

  • Lower cost (compared to other modes of transport),
  • Reliable door-to-door delivery of goods,
  • Modern vehicles capable of providing the necessary conditions for storing goods (for example, transportation of goods with a temperature regime).

Such services are offered by many Latvian transport companies, but how do choose the best one? By choosing a service such as road shipment that is provided by HRX, customers receive many significant benefits:

  • a cost-effective price offer for transportation, considering the dimensions and weight of your cargo,
  • express delivery of goods in the shortest possible time and “from door to door”, delivery on the next day is also possible,
  • delivery of goods of various volumes by road,
  • qualified drivers,
  • modern vehicle fleet,
  • the ability to track the movement and status of cargo using Track & Trace.

To find out the freight rates, contact HRX specialists, who will also advise you on the transportation services of our company. 

the map of road freight services in Europe offered by a transport company HRX HRX road transport services by modern road transport vehiclesLatvian transport companies - HRX office

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Latvian transport companies offer road freight services?

Such service as road cargo transport is offered by many Latvian transport companies, but one of the most experienced and professional road freight carriers is HRX with 30 years of experience in the market. HRX offers reliable transport of goods by road in Latvia and Europe.

2. What are the main criteria that affect freight rates?

Various transport companies in Latvia offer their own freight rates, which depends on the size and weight of the cargo, the distance to the selected destination, as well as other factors affecting the freight rates. To find out the freight rates, you need to contact the transport company, for example, a transport company HRX or send a price request.

3. When to choose freight by road?

Transport of goods by road is the right choice when your company needs to deliver compact or medium-sized cargo, parcels, boxes, or other cargo (ADR cargo or temperature-sensitive cargo as well). Freight by road is fast, cost-effective, and safe. The most important is to find a professional and experienced road freight carrier such as HRX.