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A family owned global logistics company with roots in Helsinki

The story of the HRX concern began in a Helsinki based shipyard in the late 1980’s. Mr. Timo Akela was heading the planning department at the time and won a tendering process to outsource the shipyard’s logistics operations with his newly formed company Hietarahti Oy.  After a booming start, the recession of the early 1990’s significantly impacted the shipyard and threatened Hietarahti. Meanwhile, Estonia had gained its independence again and goods were starting to move between the two countries. Timo decided to test the waters and send a small van to transport goods from Finland to Tallinn. Word spread quickly and soon the van was travelling between Helsinki and Tallinn on a daily basis. In Tallinn, the first cooperation contract was signed with SilberAuto/Mercedes.


HR-Express Oy

Since the operation between the two countries had grown rapidly, it was decided that a new company should be formed for this arm of the operations. The name HR-Express Oy was chosen, derived from the original Hietarahti Oy. A few of the very first employees hired are still working in the company today, including Pekka Mykkänen, the current CEO of the HRX concern. A sister company was also started in Estonia, HRX As. HRX became the name of all new companies after this and has been used ever since. In mid-1990’s, HRX was spreading its reach all across the Baltic States and opening new offices and terminals. The early 2000’s were golden years for the companies, as they grew in size and notability in the Baltics. The parent company of the HRX concern, Nauticor Oü was started in 2002 once the concern became large enough to warrant a central leadership. Nauticor Oü is based in Tallinn, Estonia, and provides services to the HRX companies, including financial reporting, invoicing, marketing and central IT-support.


Success with a side of challenges

As the HRX companies grew, terminals were decided to be built for the operation in the main regions occupied by the concern. The leading idea was that by having private terminals, as well as dedicated and loyal drivers, the concern was able to provide the best and most reliable service possible to its customers. The HRX terminals were constructed in Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius.

Although HRX had grown steadily throughout its existence, the recession of 2008 hit the transport sector hard, and HRX was not excluded. However, throughout the more challenging years, the concern has remained operational and devoted to its core values. This achievement has primarily come about by the concerns focus on retaining its high standard of service with the aid of a loyal and effective workforce. In 2017, HRX went through a significant change, as the second generation of owners stepped up to take control, after working in the concern for many years in different roles.


Today, the future of HRX companies looks exceptionally bright. Building on our core values, the new leadership has brought a fresh outlook and modern solutions to ensure that we can keep providing the best quality logistics services to our customers.

HR-Express Oy starts daily trips between Helsinki and Tallinn
SIA HRX is established in Latvia, with terminal and office in Rig
HRES UAB, the Lithuanian HRX company, is established in Vilnius
HRX Sverige AB is established in Sweden
HRX Finland opens its new terminal in Helsinki
HRX Poland is established with terminal and office in Warsaw
New terminal is opened in Lithuania by HRES UAB
HRX Latvia finishes the building of a new terminal to accommodate growth
New leadership is established for HRX companies
HRX makes a historically large number of investments to vehicles to accommodate