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Transport logistics for the development of your business

Transport logistics include a wide range of tasks, which include the organization of cargo transportation and loading and unloading operations, development of optimal transportation routes, determination of the required type of transport for the carriage of goods, as well as providing advice to clients. This type of service is provided by professional logistics companies in Latvia, including the HRX logistics company.

High-quality transport and logistics services are our priority

Transport logistics is the main service of our company; therefore, we strive to offer our clients the highest quality services. HRX has its own terminals and experienced employees in the Baltic States, Poland, Sweden, and Finland, so we can ensure that your international and local cargo shipments proceed as planned. Our global logistics network includes reliable partners for the organization of land, air, and sea freight.

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The finest level of logistic services on the market


Our vehicle pool has more than 270 vehicles suiting all needs


Logistics company HRX operates in 6 countries with a global partner network


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Hazardous & Temperature sensitive shipments

Shipments classified as dangerous are afforded the same timetables as all other shipments. Hazardous shipments are picked up in the afternoon and are securely delivered on schedule the following morning. Temperature-sensitive shipments can also be delivered according to daily HRX schedules.

ADR cargo is cargo that can harm people, the environment or property. Improper storage or transportation of ADR cargo can be hazardous to human health, cause a fire or explosion, and harm the environment. However, the transport of dangerous goods is a common service, as companies often must transport dangerous goods from one place to another. The transportation of dangerous goods by road must be entrusted to professionals. Contact HRX specialists today!
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What is transport logistics?

Transport and logistics services are the transportation of goods along the optimal route for a specified period and with minimal costs. Transport logistics is one of the most important factors in determining the final price of a service or product.

Logistic services in the field of freight transportation are one of the most common types of logistics, which includes three main areas:


1.Preparation of cargo and organization of the delivery of cargo from one place to another.

2.Full control over the transportation process and all actions that occur during transportation.

3.Market analysis to determine the optimal delivery route, offering individual logistics solutions for each company.


Transport logistics solve several specific tasks, such as:


1.Selection of the most suitable mode or modes of transport.

2.Transportation of goods, planning of warehouse processes.

3.Determination and calculation of a rational delivery route.


Professional transport and logistics services allow you to achieve the maximum value for money when transporting goods. Transport logistics company develops various schemes for the transportation of each type of cargo. For example, groupage cargo is a very effective way to reduce transportation costs.