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Freight forwarding services

Freight forwarders provide comprehensive freight forwarding services, which also include the preparation of documentation and constant monitoring of the cargo transportation process. The freight forwarders (forwarding company) organize commercial freight transport and are responsible for the cargo until it reaches its destination.






muitas pakalpojumi

Registration of documentation

kravu ekspedīcija

Professional freight forwarding services

ekspedīcijas pakalpojumi

Fast and reliable delivery

preču imports

Customs services for the import and export



Forwarding services include

  • preparation of accompanying documents.
  • development of the optimal route for the physical transportation of goods.
  • control of loading and unloading of cargo from a vehicle.
  • reliable delivery of cargo “from door to door”.
  • participation in customs procedures at the border.
  • constant monitoring of the cargo and the conditions of transportation throughout the entire route.
  • timely informing the client about the location of the cargo.
  • solution of all issues occurring during the transportation of cargo and other tasks.

HRX services include professional freight forwarding. By combining our core services with our partners’ services, air and sea freight is also delivered on time to your destination. Freight forwarding services are a demanded type of service for the transportation of goods because the organization of cargo transportation are carried out by professionals, which is much more profitable for the client in terms of time and money costs.

HRX freight forwarding services – safe delivery of your cargo

Freight forwarding services – fast and reliable delivery of goods to the consignee. Professional transportation of goods requires both the correct packaging of goods and their placement in vans or trailers, ensuring the most suitable storage conditions when transporting the corresponding type of cargo.
The correct organization of cargo transportation begins with the preparation of goods for transportation. The choice of a suitable vehicle (carrying capacity, dimensions, storage conditions) also affects the speed and reliability of delivery. HRX’s range of services includes professional freight forwarder services so that you can be sure of the reliable delivery of your cargo to its destination.

Customs services

Customs services are a complex area with many nuances, so it is important to choose reliable and professional transport companies that provide customs clearance of cargo. Thanks to this type of service and an integrated approach, the successful import and export of various categories of goods is carried out.

We offer professional customs services for the import and export of goods. We will help you complete all customs formalities, import declarations so that your goods arrive at their destination on time.

  • Filling in the customs declaration.
  • Release of goods for free circulation in Latvia (import).
  • Release of goods for free circulation by delivery to the recipient in another member state of the European Union (procedure 42).
  • Registration of the electronic declaration TIR and T1.
  • Registration of export procedures.

If you have any questions, please contact our specialists, who will tell you more about HRX provided customs services. We will offer you tailor-made solutions for customs clearance of cargo.


freight forwarding services by seaemployees with documentation of freight forwarding and customs services

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are freight forwarders?

Freight forwarders (forwarding companies) provide a client with a full range of door-to-door delivery services. Freight forwarding includes delivery of goods by land, sea, air, as well as cargo monitoring and reliable delivery to the recipient. The forwarder also informs the client about the location of the cargo and its condition.

2. Why do you need freight forwarding services?

One of the most important goals of freight forwarding services is to ensure fast and reliable door-to-door delivery of the client's cargo, accomplishing all the terms and conditions specified in the forwarding agreement and fulfilling all the necessary formalities. Freight forwarders also resolve issues arising in the process of transportation.

3. What are customs services?

Customs services include a range of different services that ensure the successful import and export of goods. One of the most important tasks of customs services is the fast and efficient processing of import, export, and transit customs documents, import declarations, as well as representing clients at customs. Since this is a rather complex field, it is recommended to choose a professional and experienced transport company, for example, HRX, so that transport and customs services are carried out with maximum precision and quality.