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Transport to Estonia made easy, fast and flexible with HRX 

Transport to Estonia with HRX is always easy, reliable and above all else – fast. We have terminals, staff and vehicles ready to do the job in six countries. This enables us to provide the fastest overnight deliveries between Latvia and Estonia. And should your transport needs reach further, then with our reliable and quality-controlled partner network we cover the rest of the world as well.

We have over 250 different and versatile trucks in different sizes on hand, that enable us to transport all kinds of packages fast and reliably. Whatever you need to transport to Estonia, we are here to help you. In addition to regular goods, we are also able to transport your temperature-controlled, refrigerated or dangerous goods with care it needs. With HRX you always have an overview of the logistical process through our online track and trace system. Should you wish to transport valuable goods, then we can also offer you transport insurance, to cover any possible risks.

Our trucks perform multiple loadings and unloadings during the course of a day, enabling us to be flexible and make sure your orders are fulfilled. Should you have any questions regarding the delivery process, then you will always have our logistical experts at your disposal, ready to answer and advise you. HRX has been delivering the fastest international transport for over 30 years, giving us wealth of experience to offer you the best solution available.

International transport outside Europe

Even if you wish to send your shipment outside of Europe, HRX is here to help you. With our extensive partner network, we are able to provide the best delivery schedules and prices for any shipment you may have. For air- and sea freight, HRX works with multiple air freight and sea freight specialist to ensure the best possible results. Combining our core services with our partner networks air and sea freight capabilities means that all consignments travel with speed and ease from one continent to another. So may it be China, South Africa or USA, we will get your shipment where it needs to be safely and fast, as always.

Custom services for international transport

In addition to organising international transport for your shipments, our staff can also expedite your freight shipments through customs. At HRX we are experienced with customs procedures and processes in various areas and can make sure that your shipments will get to their end destination smoothly. We will prepare and produce your customs declarations and present them to the appropriate authorities. If needed, we can also fill the Intrastat report for you. 

Additional information regarding the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarder and the CMR convention.

Ordering international transport

Ordering international transport through our online portal is easy. Should you have any questions, then our friendly and experienced sales and support team is always ready to help you. Welcome to the HRX family!

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