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Express cargo transportation to and from Poland

Cargo transportation Poland – Latvia – Poland is one of the most demanded international routes of cargo transportation by road in the HRX company. We offer fast and regular cargo transportation to and from Poland. We have a terminal and an office in Warsaw, which ensures continuous monitoring of cargo transportation and communication with senders and recipients. We offer transportation of various types of cargo, including ADR cargo, according to planned schedules.

Because of our own terminals, highly qualified personnel, and a modern fleet of vehicles, we offer fast and high-quality transportation of goods between six countries: Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland. If you need help developing routes between these countries, please contact HRX specialists who will recommend the most suitable shipping solutions. Trust the industry professionals – send a price request now!






Fast and reliable transport services

Next day delivery and online tracking

Modern vehicles and our own terminals

Transportation of specialized and dangerous goods



Types of freight delivery to/from Poland

To provide customers with the best offers for international cargo transportation to Poland and from Poland, HRX carries out different cargo types:

  • Groupage cargo,
  • Cargo on pallets,
  • EUR-pallets,
  • FIN-pallets,
  • Parcels,
  • Boxes,
  • Oversized cargo,
  • Dangerous goods ADR,
  • IBC containers with pallets,
  • Thermosensitive cargo with temperature restrictions,
  • And other types of cargo by the requests of your business.

HRX road transport Poland

  • Cargo delivery to and from Poland every working day.
  • Delivery within 24 hours to/from Warsaw.
  • Completion of cargo.
  • Door-to-door delivery of goods.
  • Delivery of goods by vehicles equipped with an elevator.

Cargo transportation to Poland by road with HRX

By choosing HRX services, you get several significant advantages that provide fast and timely freight transportation to Poland.

  • Door-to-door delivery of goods.
  • Delivery of goods by vehicles equipped with an elevator.
  • Reliability – all trailers and trucks are equipped with surveillance cameras.
  • Possibility of delivery at a certain period to the desired destination.

Road transport from Poland by road with HRX

Choosing road transport Poland – Latvia with HRX, our clients receive several valuable advantages.

  • Receiving cargo from all over Poland.
  • 24-hour delivery from Warsaw and 48-hour delivery from anywhere in Poland.
  • Cargo from Poland is delivered every working day.

If your company is looking for a trustful cargo partner in Poland, choose HRX transport services!

HRX international routes

We provide a highly demanded route – road transport Poland – Latvia – Poland and reliable cargo transportation in Europe also to/from/between these countries:

Sweden – Latvia – Sweden

Finland – Latvia – Finland

Lithuania – Latvia – Lithuania

Estonia – Latvia – Estonia

HRX services also include fast trucking services in Latvia. Contact our sales department to find out the cost of transportation or get an answer to your question.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How fast is cargo transportation to Poland from Latvia?

Freight transportation to Poland by HRX is carried out every working day, and delivery within 24 hours to Warsaw is also possible.

2. How fast is the delivery of goods from Poland to Latvia?

The transport and logistics company HRX performs freight transportation from Poland every working day, delivery within 24 hours from Warsaw is possible, as well as delivery within 48 hours from all over Poland.

3. What types of cargo can be delivered to/from Poland?

HRX delivers groupage cargo, oversized cargo, EUR pallets, FIN pallets and other types of cargo/parcels/boxes for the needs of your company. Our range of services also includes the transportation of ADR dangerous goods, transportation of temperature-sensitive goods and other types of goods.